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I’m not just a “photographer.” I guess I’ve known that all along. I don’t just sell photographs. You don’t pay me to simply “take pictures”. My main “product” is emotion. I capture raw emotion that tells your story, and that is what you’re buying from me. Your story lives on for generations in beautiful wall art and keepsakes.

My mission is to capture your family exactly as they are. Exactly as you see them. Day-to-day, moment-to-moment… The way they make you feel, and the way you make them feel. That’s what my business is all about: your life – your love – your story.

I lost my mom when I was 17.. my brother 8 years later, and my sister in 2019. Photographs are incredibly important to me.. They live on and carry special feelings and emotions LONG after the moment has passed, and they continue long after we are gone. And that’s why I’m here. I suspect that’s why you’re here too.

Are you ready for me to capture your story?

The Basic Info:

  • I graduated in early 2015 with honors from Wilmington University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Photography and a minor in Print Media.
  • I specialize in documentary-style maternity, adoption, birth, newborn and family portraits, but I occasionally take clients outside of my niche (usually for existing clients that need something special or for local small businesses that need help with their business images and online presence).
  • I also teach private basic photography lessons.
  • I draw and paint… and I’ve recently started accepting commissioned work.
  • In addition to my wonderful family, friends, photography and art, I also love babies, birth, animals, coffee, chai tea, guacamole, ice cream and inspirational quotes.
  • I am also a proud member of Professional Photographers of America and the International Association of Professional Birth Photographers.
  • I try to live my life to the fullest every day and enjoy every moment.
  • I also try to be mindful of others and not judge anyone for any reason. We’re all human, after all. 😉

Want to know more? Ask away!

“Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine.” -Anthony J. D’Angelo


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